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What Are the 5 Love Languages?


Words of affirmation

This love language is all about words that make your partner feel loved. This can be a compliment, a little thank you note or simply “I love you”. It doesn’t have to be a love letter three pages long (although it can be) it can as simple as “Thanks for doing the dishes, I really appreciate your help”. Any words that build your partner up is words of affirmation. 


Acts of service

This love language is in the name. Acts of service involve your partner feeling loved when you do something for them. This can be cleaning the house, cooking dinner or putting the groceries away. When you do something for your partner out of love because you know it’ll make them happy and their life a bit easier is acts of service. 


Receiving gifts

This love language is all about your partner feeling the most loved through thoughtful and carefully curated gifts. This doesn’t necessarily mean showering your partner with expensive and materialistic gifts, it can be buying their favourite perfume, picking up their favourite sweets or buying some flowers. The focus of this love language is not necessarily the gift itself but rather the thought and effort into buying something that is just perfect that shows how much you understand your partner. 


Quality time

This love language is about spending time with your partner all they have your undivided attention. No phones, TV or anything distracting to stop your partner from being the focus of all your attention. This love language can mean a dinner date without any distractions or simply just enjoying Netflix together. This love language is all about providing your partner with your undivided attention. 


Physical touch

This love language is all about your partner feeling loved and supported through touch. This isn’t anything super crazy like over the top PDA but can be something like hand-holding, caressing your partners back or hugging. Without physical touch, your partner may feel unloved and unwanted. 

So now thinking “but I express and feel loved in all these ways” which is correct. We express love in all 5 languages however will have a natural preference for one or two love languages.

Want to find out what your love language is? 

Follow the link and choose the right quiz for you!


Here’s an idea for the next time you and your partner have some free time with each other:

Take some time to do the quiz together and determine what your primary and secondary love language is. Then take some time explaining to each other what your primary and secondary love language is and give examples of the love language in action. This can help you both continue to develop your emotional bonds and provide an understanding of what’s important for each of you to feel loved. If you tried this tell me how it went! Did you feel more connected, heard and loved?

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