Individual Therapy

In Wollongong and Online

From feeling stuck and misunderstood in life’s toughest moments to discovering clarity and renewed strength.

Are unresolved feelings or experiences holding you back from living the life you truly desire?

Maybe you’ve just discovered a betrayal that shakes the foundation of your trust, or perhaps you’ve been feeling increasingly distant in your relationships, causing concern among those closest to you. You may be finding it harder each day to manage your emotions, impacting your ability to function in daily life, or simply feeling so overwhelmed by past traumas that getting through the day feels like an insurmountable task. Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected from your own desires and unsure about your future, struggling to find joy in anything you do.

Your difficulties are interconnected, subtly influencing every part of your daily routine and interactions:

  • Emotional Disconnect: You may feel increasingly detached from your emotions or find that you can’t engage with your loved ones as you once did, leaving you feeling isolated even in company.
  • Persistent Stress: Daily tasks that used to be routine now seem daunting, as stress takes a toll on your mental and physical health.
  • Interpersonal Challenges: Communication breakdowns and misunderstandings have become more frequent, affecting your relationships at home, with friends, or romantically.
  • Diminished Self-Esteem: You might struggle with a pervasive sense of inadequacy, questioning your worth and abilities in areas of life that used to bring you confidence.
  • Recurring Trauma Responses: Triggers from past traumas may surface unexpectedly, disrupting your day-to-day activities and emotional stability.

The challenges and feelings of isolation you’re experiencing are not just surface-level issues; they stem from deeper conflicts within yourself and your interactions with others, impacting your ability to live authentically and connect genuinely. Acknowledging these struggles is a crucial first step towards embracing your true self and improving your relationships. Individual therapy will empower you to overcome personal insecurities and societal expectations, helping you find the acceptance and belonging that are key to a fulfilling life.

Individual Therapy can help.

Right now, it might seem out of reach, but you can find peace with your past. You can build healthier relationships. You can live with greater confidence and less fear. And I can help you get there.

Individual Therapy helps you do 3 things:

  • Identify Root Causes: We’ll dive deep to uncover the underlying issues that fuel your emotional and psychological challenges, setting the foundation for effective healing and personal development.
  • Enhance Relationships: Learn to understand and improve your interactions with others, whether with partners, family, or colleagues. We’ll focus on enhancing communication skills and empathy, helping you build stronger, more supportive relationships.
  • Learn Coping Skills: Master practical strategies to manage stress, regulate emotions, and respond more effectively to life’s challenges. These skills will increase your resilience, helping you navigate daily life with more confidence and less anxiety.

I’ll guide you through this process, tailoring each step to your individual preferences. My approach to Individual Therapy is grounded in flexibility and understanding: empowering you to steer the course of our discussions.


We’ll work at a pace and intensity that feels right for you, ensuring that therapy feels more like a conversation and less like a clinical procedure. Whether you’re facing challenges with relationships, personal growth, or mental health, the focus is on creating a supportive environment where you are in control. Together, we’ll explore and address your concerns in a way that respects your comfort level and personal journey, moving towards a life where you feel empowered, understood, and fully engaged.

It’s time to overcome your fears and step confidently into your future.