Trauma, Relationship and Sex Therapy in Wollongong and Online Australia Wide

A safe place to heal from the past and move forward into a life full of joy.

Caught in a cycle you can't break?

Do you dream of a life rich with genuine connections, where you can express your true self and break free from the shadows of past pains? Yet, find yourself trapped in a recurring cycle of unfulfilling relationships, feeling utterly lost on a journey of self-discovery under the weight of societal expectations to conceal your identity. Memories of the past loom over your present, clouding your happiness and sense of security, while a disconnect from your deepest desires makes intimacy feel like a puzzle with missing pieces.


You stand at a pivotal crossroads, caught between the life you are enduring and the life you deeply crave, your path obstructed by unresolved traumas, a yearning for meaningful connections, and a profound desire for acceptance and understanding. It is a challenging spot, yes, but not one

Life doesn’t have to stay this way.

Ayesha Nhem

Clinical Counsellor PACFA #27727
Level 2 Counsellor ACA #16415

Hi, I'm Ayesha.

Using a casual, down-to-earth approach that feels more like a conversation rather than a clinical session, I specialise in trauma, relationship, and sex therapy. My clients end their journey with me embracing a newfound self-love, equipped with the tools for building stronger, more meaningful connections, and liberated from the chains of their traumas. They rediscover joy in intimacy, learn to value their own needs, and step forward into a life where they feel genuinely seen and heard.

Guiding you through healing from trauma, enriching relationships, embracing your sexual well-being, and celebrating your identity.

Specialising in...

Trauma Therapy

Compassion and support serve as the cornerstone of trauma therapy, providing a safe and nurturing environment where you are met with understanding and care. This approach is pivotal in helping you heal from the wounds of past traumas. Through a journey marked by empathy and non-judgmental support, you gradually regain a sense of safety, learning to trust both in yourself and in others again.

Relationship Therapy

Learn the tools you need to rebuild trust and feel secure again. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, but once it has been shaken, it can be hard to feel safe and confident in your partnership. We focus on steps and strategies to rebuild trust from the ground up, ensuring both partners understand how to create a reliable and supportive bond. With these tools, you will regain a sense of security and confidence in your relationship.

Sex Therapy

Enhance sexual satisfaction and address unresolved issues with the support of a trusted therapist. Embarking on sex therapy allows you to explore and express your needs and desires in a safe space. Together, we will work through past hurts and misunderstandings, paving the way for a more satisfying and connected sexual relationship. With professional guidance, you will gain the tools to enhance pleasure and intimacy.

Happy Clients

After having sessions with me, my clients are less anxious, more confident, and better able to cope with setbacks. Most importantly, they begin to accept themselves and the people around them. Read what they’re saying:

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Aada Laine
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Caitlynn Potts
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Alisa Hester

How Therapy Works

Step 1: Book a Free Consultation

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or just know that something needs to change, reaching out is the first step towards transformation. Simply give me a call, send a message, or get in touch in a way that feels comfortable for you. CLICK HERE

to find a time and day that works best for you. During this free consultation, we will chat about what has been going on for you and address any questions or concerns you might have. It is important to me that you feel confident we are a good match—that together, we can embark on this journey of healing and growth.

Step 2: Engaging Conversations & Deep Healing

Therapy with me is like having a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend—one who is here to provide professional guidance and support. Our sessions are a blend of casual conversations and profound healing moments, designed to help you unpack the past and understand your experiences. We will explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, pinpointing the roots of what has been holding you back. Together, we will develop personalised tools and strategies to help you heal from the past. This is not about quick fixes; it is about learning, growing, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Step 3: Living Free From the Past in a Life You Love

Imagine a life where your past does not dictate your present or your future. Through our sessions, you will work towards exactly that—leaving your past where it belongs and stepping into a life filled with joy, purpose, and love. This last step is about more than just moving on; it is about thriving. You will learn how to maintain the progress you have made, manage challenges that come your way, and build meaningful relationships. It is about creating and sustaining a life you are excited to wake up to every day, free from the shadows of the past.

You don’t have to keep feeling lost, disconnected, or trapped by past trauma. I can help you find pathways to deeper connections, fulfilling intimacy, and a sense of healing and wholeness.