How to create SMART goals

Today, we’re going to explore the idea of SMART goals. These are a specific type of goal-setting that will help you meet your other goals in life. The acronym stands for: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Realistic T – Timely. Let’s break down what each letter means!

What are SMART goals?

Specific: This is self explanatory and it should be clear and concise so that there can be no confusion about what needs to happen in order for this goal to be met. For example, if your goal is “I want to do well on my math test,” then it would not qualify because you cannot measure how well you did on the test itself; but if your goal was “I want to get a 90% or higher on my math test,” then this is specific and it can be measured.

Measurable: Again, this is self-explantory and you should understand what makes something measurable. If we go back to the previous example, if your goal was “I want to feel more confident,” then there is nothing measurable about this. How would you know when you had accomplished this goal? What is the specific indicator that lets you know when this has happened? However, if your goal was “I want to raise my hand more in class,” then raising your hand is something that can be measured; thus, making it measurable.

Attainable: This is just a fancy way of saying that this goal is realistic. Achieving the most difficult SMART goal in the world isn’t going to do you any good if it’s not attainable. If your goal was “I want to be able to run a marathon,” then this would probably not be attainable for you at this point in your life if you’re not a regular runner. However, if your goal was “I want to be able to run around the block without stopping,” then this is attainable because it’s realistic for you to accomplish that goal based on your current health and fitness level.

Realistic: This means that it doesn’t make any sense for you to set a goal that you know you can’t achieve. Going back to the marathon example, if your goal was “I want to be able to run a marathon,” then this is unrealistic because it’s not going to happen. However, if your goal was “I want to be able to jog a mile without stopping,” then this is realistic because it’s not super-human to accomplish this.

Time Bound: This means that you should set a target date for when you will meet your goal. If your goal was “I want to be healthier,” then there is no target date, so it’s not timely. However, if your goal was “I want to lose 5kgs by my sister’s graduation,” then this is timely because you have a target date and you can work backwards from that date to determine your due date for when the 5kgs needs to be lost by.

Why use SMART Goals

There are many reasons why you should use SMART goals in your life. One of the main reasons is that they help you to stay on track. By having specific and measurable goals, you are less likely to veer off course. SMART goals also help you to focus on what you want to achieve, and they make it easier to track your progress. SMART goals are one of the best ways to make sure you achieve what you set out to do.

How to set up your own SMART Goal

Setting up your own SMART goal is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your goal is specific.
  2. Make sure your goal is measurable.
  3. Make sure your goal is attainable.
  4. Make sure your goal is relevant.
  5. Make sure your goal is time-based

Take some time to write down each letter and how your goal applies to it. Keep working on this until you have a well-defined goal that tells you what, why, when, and how.

The benefits of using SMART Goals

There are many benefits to using SMART goals in your life. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increased focus and concentration.
  2. Improved motivation and morale.
  3. More efficient use of time and resources.
  4. Increased accountability.
  5. Greater likelihood of goal achievement.
  6. Improved decision making skills.
  7. Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem.

In this blog post, we’ve covered the basics of setting up a SMART goal. You should now have a better understanding of what these goals are and how they can help you in your life! If you want to learn more about how to use them or if you need any help with putting together your own personal plan, contact me today. I would be happy to provide personalized tips and guidance on increasing productivity while staying motivated through the power of SMART goals! You can reach out on instagram via DM @ayeshanhem, facebook at @theayeshanhem or email me at contact@intuitiveconnectioncounselling.com

What goals are you working on right now? Have you tried SMART goals before? Comment below or reach out via social media, I’d love to hear what you’re working on. 

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